The Use of Mathematics and Computer Science in Modern Clinical Trials, seminar by Dr. Olga Kubassova, 24th March 2017 at the University of Liverpool

Dr. Dr Olga Kubassova – CEO of Image Analysis Group is giving a seminar on “The Use of Mathematics and Computer Science in Modern Clinical Trials”, Department of Mathematical Science Building, University of Liverpool, Friday 24th March 2017 at 2pm

Imaging algorithms for quantitative analysis of medical scans allow extracting information from the images with the level of precision impossible for human eye. The numbers of imaging biomarkers allowed recognition of quick changes as early as a few days after the treatment. By comparison a human is less sensitive and can only recognize these a few weeks or months later. In this talk, she will discuss several key algorithms that underpin the IA’s software package, DYNAMIKA, which was originally created for the use in clinical practice; but over the time, the software migrated to the cloud allowing efficient management of all stakeholders in a trial. It has become not only a key product of Image Analysis (IA) but also a platform for various therapeutic areas and more innovative techniques have been integrated into the software, making it a platform integrated across imaging technologies, data management and compliance. DYNAMIKA for image analysis has been used by major pharmaceutical companies, biotech enterprises and clinicians to understand at the earliest possible time point if the patient has positive reaction to the treatment. Various auto-immune, cancerous and inflammatory conditions were analysed. Examples of selected applications are illustrated and some clinical and image challenges are also highlighted in this talk.


Short Bio.  Dr. Olga Kubassova has double masters in mathematics and computer science and obtained her PhD in the University of Leeds. In her PhD, she has developed a ground-breaking algorithm for quantitative analysis of MRI scans. Based on this, she has founded Image Analysis (IA) in 2007 to bring the cutting-edge science from academic bench to clinical practice.

Having secured knowledgeable and supportive investors, Olga’s ambition is to bring truly disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence and best of machine learning to clinical practice and research, while expanding IA scope and partnerships.  She is a renowned healthcare innovator and biotech investor, with passion for improving people’s health.

Today, IA is a leading provider of imaging clinical research service to biotech and pharma clients, who seek to advance their development by applying the best science to measure the efficacy and safety of their treatments. Dynamika has powered over 100 trials and IA grew to a company group incorporating strategic expert advice, operational, technological divisions and an investment vehicle to support early stage developments.

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